There are many reason why you should inspect a property, but in all cases it’s a good idea because the goal or purpose of an inspection is simple. Gain Knowledge, Be Informed and Avoid Unexpected Costs.

LEARN EVERYTHING you can about a property BEFORE you Buy It, Sell It or Stay In It


Getting a full inspection of your property before listing it, can save you and your realtor a lot of lost time, and potential lost sales. Find the problems before a buyers inspector does – which he will. Fix the problem first or adjust your sale price to reflect the issue. Don’t let that potential buyer walk away because you didn’t know there was a problem. Be informed.


For your own protection, never buy any property without getting a professional inspection first, whether used or brand new. New does not always mean 100% okay. A visual inspection simply is not enough. Not knowing the truth of what’s really behind the walls, in the attic or under the sink can cost you thousands of dollars.  Be informed. 


Problems can start to arise after the first year of living in a new home. Before your new home warranty expires our certified inspector can examine your home for issues which warranty will cover.  Be informed.


This inspection is specifically designed with seniors in mind who want to continue to live in their own home as long as possible. After a thorough inspection the inspector will compile a list of potential modifications which would make the home more functional with safety in mind. The recommendations are compiled into a written report. 


If you’re uncertain if it’s better to stay in your current home, or move, a thorough report from a professional home inspector can, and will, get you the facts so you can make an informed decision. Take the guess work out of the equation.


If you are planning on renovating, you can get a full inspection or we can inspect an individual area of the home that you are thinking of changing, such as removing a wall.  


A home maintenance inspection is a service we offer to help keep your home, your family, and your belongings safe and sound. Very similar to a standard inspection it’s designed to identify issues within the home that need attention. Regular re-inspections are priced lower to help you maintain it.

“Get to the Truth to avoid the Consequences

The Inspection

What Is It?


My standard home inspection is a non-invasive examination and evaluation of the visible and accessible interior and exterior structure, systems and components of the property.  The extensive, multi-page report provided after each inspection includes my findings of any material defects in an easy to read format, and provides recommendations for monitoring, repair or replacement. 

The home inspection you receive from Truth or Consequences Home Inspections Ltd. is not complete until you understand everything in your report.


Single Family

A full inspection of a single family homes by    Truth or Consequences will mean your home is inspected thoroughly and completely from roof to foundation,  wall to wall and the exterior.  

See List Below. 

It takes approximately 3 - 4 hours for a standard sized home.  

Condos, Townhomes & Apartments

Condominiums, Apartment Condominiums and Townhomes can have some different inspection requirements from single family homes because such things as heating systems or exteriors are shared or owned by a condo corporation. These differences are reflected in our pricing.

Rural Properties

We service the rural community within a roughly 200 km. radius of Calgary for both residential and commercial property. In addition we inspect barns, stables, quonsets and other outbuildings which are priced on an individual bases depending on the structure. 


 Types of commercial buildings we inspect run from individual buildings, to strip malls to warehouses and everything in between. Due to the variety in this category, we cannot provide a set price. 

Please call us for a quote.

Mobile / Manufactured Homes

The home inspection process is no different for a modular home. We inspect it as we would any other home – from top to bottom and wall to wall. However, if there is no permanent foundation to inspect we will reflect that in a price saving to you.   

Log Homes

 Log homes require some additional inspections simply due to their construction. Steve is trained and certified in the inspection of log homes including the chinking between logs and the intrusion of wood destroying organisms (insects) who like to chow down on your home. 



The majority of the items listed under FULL Inspection can also be inspected on an individual basis. These are often requested when a single issues arises in a home or during a renovation project requiring analysis prior to proceeding. 

Individual Area Inspections receive a written report on the findings. 

Rates are based on the inspection type.


The following is a list of the key components that are inspected during a full inspection of your property.  Everything from the inspection is outlined in a multi-page report within 24-48 hours.  See REPORT tab for sample report.  


· Decks, Porches, Railings & Stairs

· Driveways, Walkways, Fences

· Emergency exits

· Garage electrical, openers, safety sensors, windows & doors

· Gas meter, water hose bibs

· Lot grading, drainage, location of trees, fire prevention

· Roof - Shingles, skylights, vents, chimney, gutters, downspouts, flashing, eaves, soffit, facia

· Siding & Window Exteriors – cracks, moisture, rot


· Appliances: Washer, Dryer, Fridge, Stove & Hood, Dishwasher, Microwave

· Attic: Insulation levels, venting, structural, water intrusion

· Basements, Foundations & Crawlspaces: 

    o Cracking, Supports, Insulation, Drainage, Sump Pumps, water penetration

· Doors & Windows: Security, open / close operation, weather stripping, hardware

· Electrical:  Panels, breakers, fuses, grounding, wiring, electrical outlets, meter box

· Fireplaces: Chimney, firebox, damper and hearth

· Floors: Cracks, level, squeaking, wear and tear, mold

· HVAC: Heating system, venting, carbon monoxide; air conditioners

· Plumbing: Fixtures, faucets, shut off, leaks, mold

· Walls: Cracking and holes, moisture, staining 

Thermal Imaging is included in all full inspections


The loss of heat through improper installation, improper insulation, or simply years of wear can be not only uncomfortable for the family, but extremely costly in paying for lost heating over a long period of time. 

With a professional inspection of windows, doors, attic and roof, ceiling vents and walls using Thermal Imagining we can pinpoint where the losses in your home are occurring.